Insights on CRM of Congress


Government Affairs Industry Network (GAIN) participants gathered on March 22 at LEVICK to learn from the makers of Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. Representatives from Intranet Quorum and Fireside21 spent an hour providing tips and tricks to government affairs professionals on how to most effectively get their message across to Members of Congress and their staff.

The panel focused on persistence when communicating during an advocacy event or organization fly-in. Panelists suggested not restricting messaging to one channel, and provided suggestions for diversifying efforts. Most importantly, they suggested personalized messages and not canned statements when communicating with the Hill. It’s all about the thought.

Kenny Ames of Fireside21 shared that when communicating, look like you know what you are talking about. Target the right members and know the heartbeat on the hill. If you really want to be effective, call.

After a brief introduction and opening suggestions, panelists spent the remainder of the event fielding questions about advocacy efforts and general questions about their products.

Special thanks to our panelists for sharing their “secret sauce” behind their platforms, and to Dan Rene and the team at LEVICK for providing the space and lunch for our panel discussion.