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Partaking in the 2020 RNC and DNC Conventions

  • Hall of States, Room 337 444 North Capitol Street Northwest Washington, DC, 20001 United States (map)

Join GAIN and Conventions 2020 for an informative briefing on the RNC and DNC Political Conventions. Learn about the host cities, get the low-down on how the Conventions REALLY work, and discover opportunities for companies, trade associations, and others looking to participate in the Super Bowl of politics.

Convention operatives and former convention officials will provide insight on what to expect in Charlotte and Milwaukee for the National Political Conventions in 2020 and how you and your organization can use these national events to:

  • Raise issue awareness to opinion leaders

  • Increase your organization’s profile

  • Communicate with policy makers

  • Reinvigorate key relationships

  • Provide rare political networking opportunities for your executives

  • Or simply host a great event

We look forward to seeing you on July 23rd to start on the road to your best convention yet!

Refreshments will be provided.

We have designed this event to fully comply with US Senate Rule 35.1(d)(1), US House Ethics Manual pp. 41-47, and the U.S. Executive Branch Gift Rules regarding the “widely attended event” exception to the gift rules. US Senate and House staff are advised to consult with the US Senate and House Ethics Committee to confirm this analysis. US Executive Branch employees are advised to consult with their agency counsel. State and municipal employees are advised to consult with their agency counsel as to applicable gift rules for their jurisdiction before participating in the event.