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Don't Digress. Maintain Message. Keeping a Consistent Narrative Across Different Mediums

GAIN and George Washington University's Graduate School of Political Management bring you a new webinar series: Politics, Communication, and Advocacy: A Practical Playbook, focused on helping Washington, D.C. government affairs professionals effectively communicate with legislators and advocate for the issues important to their members and clients.

Our first webinar event, Don't Digress. Maintain Message, will feature Melanie Baucom, Press Secretary for Senator Mike Crapo, who will teach us how to maintain a consistent message across different communications channels.

Members of Congress represent constituents from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests, and establishing an ongoing narrative that fits the constituents’ best interests varies from district-to-district or state-to-state. In this webinar on message consistency, we will explore the ways to be consistent in telling your story with those you wish to communicate and influence.

By registering for this event, attendees acknowledge that they may receive follow up information from The George Washington University's Graduate School of Political Management.

GAIN has designed this event to fully comply with US Senate Rule 35.1(d)(1), US House Ethics Manual pp. 41-47, and the U.S. Executive Branch Gift Rules regarding the “widely attended event” exception to the gift rules. US Senate and House staff are advised to consult with the US Senate and House Ethics Committee to confirm this analysis. US Executive Branch employees are advised to consult with their agency counsel. State and municipal employees are advised to consult with their agency counsel as to applicable gift rules for their jurisdiction before participating in the event.

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