GAIN Vendors

Thank you to our 2017 vendors for generously sponsoring GAIN!

KnowWho has been helping people connect with elected officials and their staffs for more than 15 years. KnowWho compiles the most complete and up-to-date database of contact, staff, and biographic data available from a single, affordable source. Their product offerings have expanded over the years from basic web directories to more robust platforms such as Salesforce and Dynamics CRM. KnowWho also offers a complete line of data and web services tools for our developers, advocacy website administrators, and those who have built proprietary databases. Everything you need to contact and track your communications with elected officials and their staffs is right here at KnowWho.


UnfoldUnfold Pro is the essential all-in-one government relations platform that collects, organizes & evaluates the overwhelming amount of information advocates need to weigh in on the legislation impacting their issues. Platform features include:

  • Bill, Amendment & Regulation Tracking & Notification
  • Bill Passage Predictor
  • Staffer Directory & Integrated Email Outreach
  • Event Notices
  • Comprehensive Updates
  • Custom CRM Tool
  • Real-Time Whip Count
  • Legislator Media Monitoring

Unfold Pro can save your office hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars each year on research, outreach, and getting your goals achieved. Contact us today at to get informed, get organized, and get engaged on the issues that matter most to you.


Centurion Group DC, LLC (Centurion) was founded to offer clients a better solution for government relations regulatory compliance management. After spending years honing his expertise in compliance and business management, Centurion founder Patrick Callahan realized there must be a better way to help businesses navigate the niche world of political activities compliance. In 2011, Patrick formed Centurion in order to provide all industries with the kind of broad experience and precise knowledge that a dedicated, outsourced organization can deliver.


GAIN Founding Sponsors

GAIN is grateful for our founding sponsors, without whom we would not be where we are today.


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