Kenny’s story: Determined to play again

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Dear young athlete,

Don’t let anyone tell you that you’ll never be able to play sports again. Don’t let them take away what you love to do. If I had given up sports, I wouldn’t have my dream job today. Let me share my story.

When I was an adolescent growing up in Sharon, Massachusetts, I was very active. To say I was “hyper” would be an understatement. My mom used to tell me to run around the house when I was annoying my brother and sister. I played every sport including basketball, baseball, touch football, and street hockey. I played soccer year-round, including indoor soccer in the winter. I loved running up and down the pitch, being on a team, and either scoring or setting up a teammate for a goal. I was one of the smaller boys on the field, but soccer didn’t care how tall I was.

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